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The home of PADI SCUBA Diving in Geelong

Geelong Dive Centre shopWelcome to Geelong Dive Centre! Your one stop shop for everything SCUBA, Spearfishing, Snorkelling, Freediving and Archery related. GDC is a locally owned, family run business operating in the Geelong region since 1983. We are Geelong's longest established professional dive centre and we are a 5 Star PADI Dive Centre which means we, as a professional facility, have achieved the highest standards as set down by PADI, the international Instructor Organisation recognised worldwide for its superior diver education programs. We provide a friendly, professional and personalised service. We pride ourselves on our success to train confident, safe divers using the most current teaching methods and most modern equipment and facility available.

GDC is located on Moorabool Street, Geelong's main street and showcases Victoria's largest retail display of SCUBA diving equipment, spearfishing, snorkelling, freediving, wetsuits, archery equipment and all the accessories you could imagine. We stock a full range with multiple brands of scuba equipment, dive computers, wetsuits, hoods, thermal protection garments, snorkelling software, underwater digital cameras and video cameras, lighting systems, GoPro's, dive knives, catch bags, lead weights, underwater torches, divers clothing, spearguns, railguns, handspears, dive floats, floatlines, flags... in fact everything you could possibly need! Our staff are fully trained to cater for all your needs and offer an unmatched level of customer service. We service all brands of diving equipment with our dedicated service centre where all equipment is serviced and cleaned to factory specifications. For your dive cylinders we offer Hydrostatic Tank Testing, Eddy Current Testing, Oxygen Cleaning and of course our unique and convenient "Drive Thru Air Fill" service to make refilling your tanks quick and easy. With regard to fills we conveniently offer Air, Triple Filtered Clean Air, Nitrox and Trimix Fills and we have a qualified DSAT Gas Blender on site at all times.

MissyOn display in the dive centre is our Dive Museum which showcases an impressive collection of older diving equipment that stretches way back to the early, early days of diving. One highlight being a working, British Navy Siebe Gorman Rebreather from 1934. Also, in the museum is a collection of nautical crockery collected from drift dives in and around Port Phillip Bay, which includes stoneware jars, ceramic tableware and glassware. It should be noted that under the Shipwreck Protection Act it is illegal to remove any items from a shipwreck. All items in the museum were found on the sea floor and it does not hold any items that have been illegally removed from shipwrecks nor do we condone it.

Geelong Dive Centre is owned and operated by Dave Summers. Dave has an intense passion for the underwater world and began snorkelling and spearfishing in his early years spending many summer holidays exploring our wonderful local coastline. At the age of 14, following in his interests, he took the plunge and moved on to scuba diving. It was a life changing event and as he progressed through the ranks of the certifications, he has been fortunate enough to have dived numerous locations both around Australia and overseas and he still rates the Victorian diving scene as some of the best there is. Dave chose diving as a career path and bought Geelong Dive Centre at the age of 19. Since then he has become a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and is now the senior training officer of GDC. Dave really enjoys introducing the wonders of the underwater world to new students and ensures a friendly personal approach so that each student can learn at their own pace.

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