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Dive Resort Holidays

Dive Resort Holidays

A major benefit of Dive Resort Holidays is the advantage of being land based in a beautiful resort with all the trimmings and extra comfort benefits that they can provide you with.

Land based destinations are ideal for everyone, including non-divers and beginners. With comfort being the big advantage of Dive Resort Holiday style diving, it also affords the stability and space of life on dry land. Sufferers of sea sickness are not the only ones to appreciate such benefits; for many people, a dive vacation must incorporate ample time for rest as well as for underwater exploration. While you're enjoying a morning's diving, your travelling companions can spend their time exploring the local area, relaxing on the beach or indulging their other land based interests.

If you would like to see what options are available for you to create your own trip, please see the table below which contains over 300 Dive Resort Holidays from around the world. If you would prefer some expert help in organising a trip, then please call us on 03 5221 3342 and ask to speak to one of our dive travel experts.

Special Offers From Dive Resorts Around The World